It's Here!! DJI Mavic Air Drone | Unboxing + First Flight Footage | Buying My First Drone!

It's Here!! DJI Mavic Air Drone | Unboxing + First Flight Footage | Buying My First Drone!

Alright guys, I finally pulled the trigger on buying my first drone! I picked up a brand new DJI Mavic Air Drone! I’m beyond stoked to grab some flight footage and show you guys the new DJI Mavic Air.

I wanted to give everyone a BIG thank you for helping me purchase this drone. We’ve finally grown our YouTube channel big enough where we took our earnings from the affiliate links, the Adsense, and everything in between, and finally were able to purchase my first drone. I’m beyond thankful and just jacked to be able to finally pick one up!

We could’ve bought one a long time ago, but it was a big goal of mine to hold out, wait for the right time, and pick one up when it made sense. Thank you again to everyone who’s supported us on the channel through Amazon links and Equipment Defender, couldn’t done it without you guys!

Also big shoutout and thank you to my friend Noah Granitz for helping me fly this puppy. I definitely wouldn’t smoked the drone on my maiden flight if it wasn’t for him. Noah, you the man!

If you guys are in the market for any DJI equipment, Drones, Osmo’s, accessories and the such, feel free to use our affiliate link below. As you can imagine, we do earn a small commission, so thank you in advance for supporting our channel if you pick one up!

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What do you guys think about the new drone footage? There isn’t too much going on scenery wise for another few months, but I still really enjoyed flying this thing for the first time today. Can’t wait for the weather to break and capture some beautiful landscape shots of our work and the places we visit this summer!

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